The Geophysics is recognized as an activity of non-invasive nature, since it uses indirect investigation techniques in the subsurface structures which do not affect or destroy the environment.

Besides that, the geophysics may contribute with the environment developing soil degradation evaluation and investigation researches, pollution of groundwater, environmental diagnosis and evaluations, among others.

In this direction, we, at AFC Geofisica, have been operating for more than 15 years, performing geophysical surveys in which the scope of the research aims to:

  • Detection of pollution plumes in landfills;
  • Delimitation of saline wedges;
  • Detection of leaking and hydrocarbons in gas stations, oil refineries and pipelines;
  • Detection and delimitation of contamination in mining and industrial areas ;
  • Environmental diagnosis;

We apply the following methods:

  • Electrical Imaging (2D, 3D and 4D);
  • Vertical Electrical Sampling – SEV;
  • Electrical Tomography 2D
  • GPR;
  • Magnetometry;
  • Gamma Spectrometry.

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