Historical Milestone

With our Headquarters in Porto Alegre/RS (South of Brazil); we began our history in 1997 with geophysics works applied to the following fields: Engineering; focused on the delimitation of colluviums on roads and geophysical studies about the soil resistivity aiming the construction of buildings – The Environment; with detection studies of pollution plumes in sanitary landfills, detection of hydrocarbon leaking in gas stations – and Groundwater; with the prospecting of groundwater in porous and fractured areas.

In the following years our company establishes itself in works on this areas, being highlighted among several projects, the ones directed to the detection of fracture zones in the evaluation for reservoir spots (dams); detection of depth of bedrock; stability verification of slope; characterization of volcanic rocks and aquifers; prospecting of groundwater in basalt fractures, among others.

In 2002, from the combination between development of new research methods and investments in technology, we extended our range of acting also to Mining, working directly with the evaluation of placer mines, research and prospecting of non-metallic and metallic sulfides through techniques of Electrical Imaging, Induced Polarization, Magnetometry, Gravimetry andGamma Spectrometry.

In 2004, we increased our services focused to the dam engineering and environment with the creation of threeSeismographic Stations, located in Rio Grande do Sul, aiming induced seismicity monitoring projects after the reservoirs are filled.

In 2005, the great results in the researches of mining in Brazil gave us the opportunity to include in our operations works developed in other countries, starting in Gabon, in Africa, running geophysics surveys through Electrical Imaging.

In 2006, the innovation on the geophysical methods added to the development of underwater cables of high sensibility, allowed the performing of services focused on the Pipes Engineering, destined to implant, detect and map the pipes in shallow sea (Pipeline Shore Approach).

In 2007, another innovation in research and development of new methods, now applied to the mining, resulted in the technique called “Electrical Imaging by Induced Polarization – IMIP”. This technique enabled us to reach better resolutions in great depths and since then it has been applied in projects focused on the deep prospecting of minerals, increasing even more our operations in Africa with projects in Angola.

In 2010, investments in new technologies were done through the acquisition of the GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar, aiming to expand our operations and projects of near surface geophysics, focused to the detection of pipes in industrial areas, as well as the delimitation of plumes. In the end of 2010, we initiated in our company the implantation of the Quality Management System NBR ISO 9001/2008, seeking a continuous improvement in our activities.

In 2011, we acquired our own headquarters and confirmed our commitment with the innovation, formalizing the process of Research and Development of the company, with the purpose to develop solutions, methods, software and equipments of geophysics. And we opened another seismograph station in the south region of Brazil, increasing to four seismological monitoring points.

In 2012, we invested in the acquisition of the Logging System for borehole geophysical logging, with the methods GAMMA NATURAL, SONIC, CALIPER and RESISTIVITY; operating, with investigation capacity up to 1500 meters, projects in the following fields: Mining, Groundwater, Environment and Geotechnical Engineering. In the same year, we also acquired a second building, destined to the installation of processes, manufacturing of cables, land and underwater ones, and research and development and we innovated in one more geophysical method: IMIP3D, which presented positive and very promising results for the subsurface research.

We – at AFC Geofisica – are a company fully dedicated to geophysics. We invest in equipment; improvement and development of methods; we seek a continuous evolution in our operations; we have a highly qualified work team to serve our Clients in several fields in which we work; and, we are compromised with our values: ethics, good relationship and respect between Company, Clients and Communities.

In 2014, it obtained support from Finep for the development of ASIP – an innovative system for the acquisition and processing of Induced Polarization data, which is now completed and available on the market, serving several projects. ASIP also operates with wireless technology and allows the collection of a large volume of data for deep geophysical surveys and the realization of IMIP2D and IMIP3D techniques, its results have already been presented at International Geophysics Congresses and Brazilian Symposium.
In 2017, AFC Geofísica formed a partnership with DGI Geoscience (www.dgigeoscience.com), a dynamic and innovative Canadian company that has been operating in the geophysical well profiling area for over twenty years. Together, they start offering these services, applied to Mineral Prospecting, Structural Geology, Geotechnics and Hydrogeology, both in the Brazilian market and abroad.
Currently, AFC, already consolidated in the market, acts with an experienced and qualified technical staff, serving its Customers with ethics, responsibility and respect.

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Política Integrada de Gestão

Nós da AFC Geofísica Ltda. acreditamos que a busca da excelência em serviços geofísicos é a melhor forma de atender nossos Clientes.

Para tal, nos comprometemos com:

  • A ética em atender da melhor forma as necessidades do Cliente;
  • Bom relacionamento, respeito e cooperação com o Cliente, entre os Colaboradores e com as Comunidades em que se realizam os serviços de geofísica;
  • Melhoramento contínuo de nossos métodos e processos;
  • Preservação do meio ambiente, prevenção da poluição e prevenção de lesões e doenças ocupacionais;
  • Atendimento aos requisitos legais aplicáveis ao Sistema de Gestão Integrado e outros requisitos subscritos pela organização.