The Gravimetry is a method focused on the small local variations of the terrestrial gravitational field, generated by the presence of rocks with different density.

The gravimetric surveys are performed in different scales, depending on the objective of the work and the area of study.

The data are corrected, filtered and the results are presented as maps or profiles, which are used in geologic mapping and mineral prospecting.



The Magnetometry is a method used to measure the intensity of the terrestrial magnetic field, which suffers the influence of the rocks at depth, increasing or decreasing the field, according to the composition of these rocks and the contrasts of magnetic susceptibility existing among them.

Generally, it reflects the amount of magnetite the rocks contain.

It is considered one of the most popular geophysical methods for the mineral prospecting, mainly, due to how fast the survey is performed.

As well as in the Gravimetry, the results in the Magnetometer are presented as maps and profiles.

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